Tony Steiert

Owner and Trainer

Aloysius Anthony, a.k.a. Tony, Steiert began riding at an early age. His father, Al Steiert, enjoyed giving lessons and retraining poorly managed horses for clients along the east coast. Tony began helping his father with managing and training these horses at a very young age.

He became an accomplished rider, inside and outside the show ring by competing in the hunter jumper discipline, fox hunting, exercising racehorses, and training problem horses.

Tony began breeding, training, and selling his own horses in 1980. Tony’s intent was to produce talented performance horses that demonstrated exceptional temperaments and trainability.

With over 60 years of experience training horses, Tony has developed a training methodology that results in confident, forward moving, respectful horses. Furthermore, he is a proponent of practical horsemanship and promotes field raising horses with minimal grain to eliminate risk of OCD or other health and lameness problems. Tony’s management style has resulted in numerous veterinarians endorsing Phox Phalian Farm as a source of quality, sound horses.

Ann Steiert

Owner, Public Relations , and Sales Manager

Ann Steiert has been involved in the horse industry her entire adult life and has been responsible for organizing numerous equine events, such as inspections and the original hunter classics. At Phox Phalian Farm, she combines her business and equine experience as public relations and sales manager. She handles all inquiries and appointments.