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History of Phox Phalian Farm

While Tony and Ann Steiert did not build Phox Phalian Farm until 1995, the farm’s history begins much earlier. In 1965, Tony and his father, Al Steiert, traveled to Germany in the hopes of finding a Hanoverian stallion. Tony helped his father decide between two mares that were carrying foals by Absatz, a stallion attributed with developing the Hanoverian breed into the contemporary sporthorse.

Tony and Al decided on a chestnut mare and in 1965 Al imported the first Hanoverian stallion into the United States. His name was Abundance.

During the 1970’s, Abundance stood at Watermark Farm, owned by Bill and Ann Rawle. Under the combined guidance of Al Steiert, and the Rawles, Abundance had a successful performance career and produced a number of talented offspring, including Hunter Hall of Fame Horse Ruxton. When bred to high quality Thoroughbred mares, Abundance consistently produced refined horses that sported the athleticism of the thoroughbred and the temperament of the warmblood.

In 1979, Abundance returned to Al Steiert’s farm, Skyline. Four years later, Tony bred Abundance to a Lombard mare and in 1984 Absolute), the only fully approved stallion produced by Abundance, was born. It was also in this year, that Tony inherited Abundance from his father after a riding accident resulted in Al’s death.

With Abundance, and four thoroughbred mares, Tony and Ann were able to begin their breeding operation. These original four mares produced numerous talented offspring, the best of which were chosen to become the foundation mares of Phox Phalian Farm.

In 1995, Tony and Ann built Phox Phalian Farm in Gilbertsville, Pa. At the time they owned three stallions, as well as several broodmares. With these Abundance line stallions and mares, Tony and Ann have been able to continuously produce quality Hanoverian and Oldenburg horses with remarkable temperaments, excellent conformation, and superior movement, capable of competing in dressage, eventing, show jumping, or hunters.